Friday, December 28, 2012

English #3


Ok,hari ni kita belajar mengenai Subject Verb Agreement (sva) . Can we start now ? Jom ! :D

A singular verb must be used :

1) When there is a (single subject) , example ;

-(She) walks to school.
-(Uma) reads every evening.
-Yesterday,(Pak Ali) was ill.
-(Ann) has two sisters.
-(My son) is very naughty.

2) When collective noun is used as a whole [ many but take it as one ], example ;

-The (school choir) is very popular.
-This (class) is very noisy.
-The (audience) was very impressed.
-The (basket) of fruits was presented to the speaker.
-The (feet of war) ships has left for Iraq.
-The (furniture) was destroyed in the fire last night.

3) With expressions such as : each, one of the, every, as well as, together with, someone, somebody, much, nobody, every [ take it as one ], example ;

-(Each) of the student is given a pen.
-(One of the) toys is broken.
-(Every) boy is asked to tug in their shirt.
-Sue (as well as) her sisters has been to Sarawak.
-(Nobody) eats at that stall.
-The crew (as well as) her friends loves to paint.
-(Someone) was trying to call you last night.
-(Much) of the leftovers has gone bad.
-(Somebody) has stolen my food.

TIPS : Kalau keliru macam everybody,somebody,nobody ... korang boleh ingat .. perkataan BODY BODY BODY take it as 1 . Sebab ? Korang ada berapa badan ? 1 kan ? so take it as one ! :D

4) When abstract or uncountable noun is used,example ;

-(Water) is very important for living things. [ take it as one because water is uncountable ]
-(Milk) contains calcium.
-(Exercise) is very important. 
-The teacher found out the (information) given was false.
-(Silence) is golden.

5) Refer to a measurement or amount,example ;

-(Ten ringgit) is enough.
-(Two weeks) is a long time to wait.
-(Half and hour) is not enough to write the essay.
-(Ten kilometers) of that road is bad.
-(RM10000) has been raised for the tsunami victims.
-(Three spoonfuls) of sugar is too much for me.

6) Name or title of a book,example ;

-("MeleTop") is a popular tv programme.
-("Little Women") is a very famous novel.
-("Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde") is an interesting book.

Habis :D Ni baru singular verb bukan lagi plural verb. Maybe next time ?  Haha .. Yea, of course ! ^_^. All the best ! 

TIPS : bracketkan "(..)" subject dalam ayat itu baru dapat kenal pasti nak guna is/are/was/were/+s or not.

Dan tahu tak ??


Kalau homework tu banyak,boleh kata "I have a lot of homework."
Homeworks ? There is no such thing . Begitu juga dengan ....



Semoga ilmu ini bermanfaat untuk kita semua ! See ya !

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