Sunday, July 14, 2019

Latest Update


Hi there, it's me after a long time. Maaf agak lama menghilang juga since the last post. Alhamdulillah sihat. KNOW WHAT, I am DONE WITH MY DEGREE (since before Hari Raya dulu) yeay! So what's next? 

I'm currently doing my chambering in a law firm situated in Penang, but not in island. I'll talk more about my chambering after done with all the formalities and I believe not everyone knows or understands what chambering (latihan dalam kamar) is all about. So, I'll do a special post for it but can't promise when.

But for a side note, because I have not gotten my release letter from my university yet, sooo I am likely doing an attachment in the firm. So chambering supposedly to be done for 9 months but only when I have sent the Form 1 and Form 2. Just forget about the formalities 'details' but roughly saying I am not yet officially doing my chambering and I can change to a new firm if I want to so long before the Form 1 and Form 2 and those Forms need my release letter. 

Ok done with that. Words kinda messed up there I guess because I'm rushing HAHA.

I wouuuuuld lllllove to share on my thoughts like what I really want to do in futures or as much like now and what exactly I want in this life. I want to live my life correctly. It's okay to do mistakes along the way though but I want the mistakes come from my own decision, not someone else. Then I cannot put the blame on anyone and not on me too, but I'll just learn from my own mistakes and let them go. Sooo I'll share my thoughts or dreams and whatnots on my next post soon in syaa Allah.

I am actually so simple but it gets complicated when other people get 'into me' and that is so nerve-racking and also can go to the extend that pissed me off. Everything is so messed up and confused, you know. 

Anyway, I'll be graduating soon in October in syaa Allah. I hope everything goes smoothly. Just pray the best for me, aite? I hope the best too for everyone. 

Much love, 

:: NN ::

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Appreciation Post [4]


Hi! I promise to myself to breakthrough the record in updating my blog this year. I'm gonna update as much as possible with more educational stuffs and discussions, perhaps? This will be my last appreciation post. I'm gonna talk about two people here, my two dearly friends. 

First and foremost I'm gonna shout out to both of them Tiqhot and Khalili who were always there for me before especially during mid sem break and sem break. In other words, when we were all together in Kulim. Hahahaha. Kalau lah ada anugerah setia kawan 2018/2019, I'm gonna give them the award! Hahaha

Lemme talk about Tiqhot first. Tiqhot (God knows how to pronounce this) hahaha because I'm not calling her with the name. The name I picked from her Twitter haha! Just for fun under this post. We've been friends since forever. Dari perut Mak kitorang. Nah kidding! Haha. Since we were in standard one. Jodoh kuat jugak lah sebab most of the time dari sekolah rendah ke sekolah menengah kitorang berada dalam kelas yang sama. Masuk pengakap sama. Sama-sama~ mengejar mimpi~ sama-sama~ ...yeah that song just came out of nowhere. Haha

Terpisah jauhhhh....waktu form 4 and form 5. Takde la jauh mana sebab terpisah kelas je kahkah. Tuition still sama... dapat tempat di Matrik pun sama but nay, I didnt go to Matrikulasi, remember? Dia pergi! Haha. Despite for some years till now dah terpisah jauh sebab she's currently doing her Degree at UM kos in Kimia something something but we still keep in touch. Thru Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp well well you name it. 

She's my coffee date guys! Cakap nak lepak minum kopi je I roger her, she rogers me we roger-roger... Tempat selalu lepak minum kopi McD or Blackwood. Dia la rajin melayan aku...cravings aku...kutip dan heret aku pi mana-mana since currently I don't have my own transportation. Soo gitchu laaa... Thanks baby sebab tak jemu dengan I, sabar melayan I mmuah mmuahh... Andai kau lelaki sudah ku masuk meminang mu.... kahh!


Selain diaaa........ we usually lepakinggg together juga with this one bright girl juga namanya Khalili. Since Khalili, bukan Khalil, so this friend of mine is a SHE ok. Hahah...sebab ada orang confused ingat bila iols update story nama Khalili depa ingat laki soo no no... 

I like having a conversation with her. She has so many things in mind and soalan dia selalu buat minda ku berhubung... sometimes I need a moment to think nak jawab soalan dia. What I like about her and EVERYONE must have this dalam diri korang is when you're in doubt or tertanya-tanya on something pasal seseorang, you JUST ASK DIRECTLY to that person. Bukan pi tanya orang lain. Have some respect and sense guys~... Even when you heard something about a person from another person, if you want to trust it, you should double check from the person him/herself beforehand~ She's like that!

Dia selalu tanya aku terus. Kalau ada orang cakap pasal aku, dia selalu tanya aku juga for confirmation. She's having that common sense and being so responsible... And she respects my likes and dislikes. Benda aku pernah kongsi ke dia yang aku tak suka, dia tak buat pun. I mean, Gosh isnt she is sooooo nice??? Some people tahu kita tak suka sesuatu tu but they just do to us directly or behind us :< I hate it...then from the first place you shouldn't have asked my likes and dislikes ke ape kan... huhuhu... so she's a keeper and a person I can trust on in syaa Allah.

I mean, I always make this obvious and directly say to my friends...if you wanna know anything or something about me, you should ask me. I'm open and I can give you enough and true sohih jiddan information. I wont lie. And if ada benda aku tak boleh bagitau, orang lain juga takkan ada information tu and you won't get it anywhere except from me LOL. Kalau ada maklumat aku tak bagi because you thought tak cukup, yeah memang mana-mana kawan sampai situ sahaja lah... hahaha. Kalau ada orang lain bagi info lebih, you better think twice to trust or not to trust.

 Hearsay is a hearsay guys and you're less cerdik enough to blindly trust. Because minda manusia makin lama dia dah macam lemah and bercampur aduk... they tend to miss out something or exaggerate... The best is only relying on me when the things are about me. haha. Khalili understands this very well. That's why I say she's so bright and have the common sense. Dengan Khalili tak payah nak ulang benda yang sama banyak kali hahaha. Dia dengaq, dia hadam...hahah

Khalili pun rajin melayan aku...kitorang study tempat yang sama di Ganu cuma universiti dan kos yang berbeza. Tapi univesiti kitorang pun like sebelah-sebelah...almost. I mean, I don't have to be so specific here kan, asalkan you get the point WE ARE CLOSE ENOUGH. hahahaha...but currently she's having her internship kat Kulim so I dont have anybody here anymore in Terengganu. Kenot lepak makang or mengkopi di McD or somewhere here in Ganu. Or lepak pantai and sorts. Dihh... I'm all alone :( .... 

I really like her sharings, anything laa especially pasal apa dia belajaq or experienced. Love listening to her stories. Kat Kulim pun selain Tiqhot dia rajin kutip heret aku pi mana-mana kahkahkah... and rajin layan cravings aku...or haritu aku nak gi Cherok Tokkun you know, but susah nak kumpul semua sekali dengan kekawan lain kasi onz then she hits me up kata jom lah siapa tak boleh tu tak apa kita pergi je. OMG I'm in love with this girl....andai kau lelaki sudahku masuk meminang juaaa.. eh banyak pula aku nak pinang kahkahkah... but plot twist la tak jumpa-jumpa pulek Cherok Tokkun tu so pergi kat Bt apa tah nama hahah dengan Tiqhot sekali! Next time joms?


I'm really thankful for their kindness and their time(s) for me... I hope I'm a good friend to them as well. Y'know a good friend is always there for their friends and make time for their friends no matter what. We can always choose. I will always choose to make time for them as well when they need me. Contact when needed and kasi jumpa sampai jadi hahaha. As much as they sacrifice or put the efforts in this friendship, I hope I'm being and doing the same as well to them. Thank you thank you thank you so much weh Tiqhot and Khalili... you guys are the best so far hahaha!

Till we meet again okay mmmuahhh! Love nyak nyakkkk

:: NN ::

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Appreciation Post [3]


Hi there, I'm back after one year from the last post, I think. I'm currently in my last semester for final year so do pray for me. Hehehe. 
My third appreciation post goes to

Yup, my happy pill. I can't really remember if I ever posted anything about you here hehe. But okay today I decided to. I usually convey my appreciation directly and privately to him. Actually the picture already tells everything what I feel about you. And you know better. 

I am not sure whether you remember when was the first time we knew each other. It was the day I did something crazy and you kindly layan je. Hahaha. I was a total stranger to you at that time but seeing you replied to me that soft and kind, okay I knew it you are a good person. 

You know it all started with your parents. (Ouh yes now I remember I posted one post about you before this hahahaha!) Well, initially I fell for your parents. Wait, I'm not saying like now I fell for you, bruh. Hahahahaha! It's just now more than your parents, you're now in it too and as my happy pill. You know what I meant by saying you are my happy pill because I did tell you and I did ask your permission to be my happy pill. Haha. 

I still have the all warm words from your late father and your mother. Sometimes, I get in touch with your elder sister too. Sometimes I can see she is having a hard time and I promised myself to be there for her like giving some warm words too like how you and your parents directly or indirectly did to me. I really appreciate of all your sharings and stories. 

You know what, happy pill... it does not matter how I truly feel. And it also does not matter how you truly feel. Because all I want is the best for you even if I am not the one that is the best for you. It's okay. Allah knows how sincere I am praying this for you. If you are happy, I am happy. I don't ask you to be part of me but just let me know you are okay and alive of course, in any way. Hahahaha. 

Well well... I have a lot of things to say but you know, I am more comfortable to tell you everything privately. Soooooooo, bilakah? Heh heh. Byeee and take careeee! Kerja elok-elok. Well I know you will. But still, I'm gonna wish it. Ok. It's hard to stop because this is about you but okay I will stop seriously...okay bye. Fi amanillah.