Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dos And Don'ts Of School


Hi there ! I'm here to share Mary-Kate and Ashley's guide to school! Never heard of them? Google will help you! ^_^

Do keep a schoolwork diary so you always know when your homework and projects are due.

Don't leave your homework until the last minute.

Do arrive on time !

Don't stay up too late on a school night,however fab the Tv is. You can always tape something and watch it later.

Do talk to your teacher if you're having problems.They're there to help you.

Don't forget that school is fun-it's where you get to learn loads of interesting stuff!

Edited by me ~ a little ~ ^_^


Make sure you have a filling,tasty and healthy lunchbox.

Maybe you can try these !

Tuna and cucumber wholemeal sandwiches

Granary roll filled with peanut butter and crunchy salad

Want to be more organised for school? Try these tips!

~Go through your room and get rid of all the stuff you don't need or use any more.Hey! You can do this on this holiday ;)

~Set up a little study area. Your dressing table can double as a desk.

~Keep your books and papers for each subject in a separate file or box. It helps a lot! Trust me :)

~Do your homework early. That way,you can make more of your evening! Yeay! >_<

~Check your uniform every night and make sure it's clean-no slinging it into the back of the wardrobe!

My last year of high school. I'm pretty sure I'll miss 'em all :)
All the best guys!

:: NN ::


  1. wow wow wee~~~

    *ngeee* btw kak in terima kasih atas nasihat tu. Sangat-sangat! :)

    1. Hahaha...adk buat la macam atas ni,konpem sempoi je hari persekolahan. hehe ..

      Oh,sure dik :) La syukran 'ala wajib ^^, be happy !

    2. hehehehe kak in ada tawaran istimewa untuk kak in... pergi ke blog kita.... #2 D' Art baca kat komen. asap.

    3. Haha,jgn mcm tu dik... hee sorry tau !

  2. good one dik. lg byk advice lg bgus. utk kakak kolej ni? hihi

    1. Alhamdulillah... haha

      Utk kakak kolej tak brp blh tlg sebab tak alami lg tpi still lebih kurang sama je kan? ><''hehe

  3. sure , you'll miss it . have a great in your last school year , sis ^^

    1. Kay! Lama tak dngr khabar ;) Hehe.... of course :D
      You too yah ~ ^^,

  4. good!! Suka entry ni.. yehaaa.. :)