Saturday, January 18, 2020

My Simplest Dream


Hi there! I think not too long ago, I said that I wanna share my kind of dreams or things like I enjoy to do. So here's the post. 

Let's start with things that I like to do. Well basically, I am a kind of an active person who easily get bored or stressed if I did not do anything. I just need my day to be productive even for a 1%. I do not really like to stay at home for too long because I feel like I have nothing to do and just waste my time. Time is precious and I value it much. But just in case if I really had to stay at home, my room is my world and everything. Hahahahaa. I will just watch movies or series and lazing around or read a book and whatsoever to distract myself or to save ME from getting bored and stressed. Not to forget that I need to socialize like around 20% at least/day. If I did not get much socialize at home, then I need to go out and meet my friend/s. But if no one for me to meet, that is when I would spam my Insta Story. To connect and socialize with my followers or anyone who just somehow came across mine. 

I like outdoor activities. Be it a kind of relaxing theme or adventurous theme. Relaxing theme is for example cafe hopping or travelling. Adventurous theme like hiking, or travelling (can be adventurous too), enrol in any sports thingy etc. Kalau tak adventurous dia macam lasak-lasak sikit...being sooooo active. hahaha entah nak explain macam mana but I think you get me. Haha.

However, do not get me wrong. My simplest dream is just I want to feel content and be happy with my loved ones. I want to have my very own family---a happy and healthy family. This is my very simplest dream which seems to be the hardest to achieve. Hahaha. I know, ironically. It amazed me like how people easily falling in love or keep falling in love for sooooo many times. Hahaha. No offense. But me even once, never LOL. But probably because I really have this one doa that I will put an effort not to forget to pray haha! Ya, sometimes I boleh lupa nak doa pasal jodoh walhal benda tu penting for me Hahaha.

You know, my simplest dream is like I am okay to spend my time at home with my own little family while doing things together. We grow and learn together. We support each other's likes and dreams. It is even lovely to travel with my loved ones. But I could not deny I might also need my me time and my time with my friends ihiks. It's just, I have a dream to nurture my kids properly...full of love and to teach them about Islam. Like how beautiful Islam is. Like how grateful you should by being a Muslim. Like how Islam teaches us to love, respect and protect. I can sacrifice everything just to be with my kids and to make sure my kids have enough of everything. That is why in one of my poems I wrote, "I have dreams and I can afford to lose. They are bound to vanish one by one." Of course, I have so many other 'dreams' like others such as to own a comfortable house, to have a huge number in my bank accounts, to travel around the world and so many other more. But none of them as big as my simplest dream, my true dream.

But in order for me to be there, in getting my simplest dream. It is important for me to get my very own right man in my life to lead us as well.

Besides my simplest dream, I have this another big dream. My biggest dream is actually I would like to meet everyone again in Jannah. But first, I need to work hard and try my best to qualify myself to be in Jannah. And along my very own hurdles in getting there, I will also try my best to spread kindness and remind others about how every little good thing you do, you will be earned a good point. I want everyone also to remember the hereafter and not too attach in this temporary world because I want to meet all of you in Jannah rather that anywhere on earth.

So yeaaa, I might aim high in so many things in this world but nothing as significant as my simplest dream and my biggest dream. So pray for my simplest dream and biggest dream because I swear they are veryyy veryyy veryyy hard to achieve.

Fi amanillah.

Ikhlas, :: NN ::

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