Wednesday, January 9, 2013

English #4


In akan sambung mengenai sva . Hari tu In buat untuk singular and hari ni untuk plural.

A plural verb must be used :

1) Subjects are joined by "and" , example ;

-(Lina and Ita) are walking to school.
-(Jogging and walking) are two good activities.
-(Cats and dogs) are popular household pets.
-(Lim and Tan) were absent today.

2) When there are many subjects , example ;

-(The girls) were playing in the field.
-(My children) are coming home this evening.
-(My cousins) like to eat there.
-Every day,the (students) walk to school.
-The (students) have gone home.

3) "I" and "you" - must be followed a plural verb . [ take it as >1 ] 

-(I) have one sister.
-(I) cycle to school every day.
-(You) have to back by 6 p.m. .
-(You) are late!
-(You) run faster than me.

Dan yang ini lain .. sama ada plural atau singular .. Bergantung kepada perkataan yang paling dekat.

Either...or... , Neither...nor... , Not only...but... the verb agrees with the noun nearest to it,example ;

-Either the girl or the (boys) are going for the picnic.
-Either the students or the (teacher) was robbed.
-Neither Kim nor her (sisters) were at home.
-Neither the houses nor the (car) was given to the grandchildren.
-Either Tina or Ravi has taken the dog out.

All the best ! :D

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