Thursday, March 21, 2013


It is something inside
A question left unanswered
Playing hide and seek
In the corner of my heart

I can't say it aloud
I'm not that brave
I'm not that selfish
Just I'm not that kind of friend

Somehow when people say
I'm a good friend
I just deny and say
No I'm not

Somehow when people say
You're not really a good friend
I just smile and say
I've tried my best,I'm sorry

I may not always show up
But I'm always there for my friends
Yes,you can't see
I just hope you can feel

A relation which I'm not sure
How long it takes
I just try my best
To make it stay strong

How happy I am
How sad I am
How angry I am
How disappointed I am

I hope you guys know that
I will never leave my responsibilities
As a friend
In our friendships

Because I love my friends
Like I love my family
Because my friends
Are a best gift from God

:: NN ::