Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sampi Aku


Kehidupan In sekarang sangat busy. Aasif. Tapi In gagahkan diri juga untuk buka blog dan update laju-laju just because In nak support kawan In,my classmate through this :D He is a drummer and buat cover lagu Sampi Aku by Covalent. He's from Sabah dan lagu ni lagu Iban. This song mengenai family and friends. Such a nice and beautiful song. Listen to it,even tak faham bahasa Iban but In syaa Allah you can feel it because I do. In akan kongsikan video cover dia di bawah and view it guys!!! :) Or maybe you can even like it or leave a comment on youtube if you want to. ^_^... Enjoy !

I am happy for you Sheldon! Hehe. Keep it up,dude! XD

:: NN ::

p/s THIS is the link where the official video with lyrics. Have fun !