Sunday, July 14, 2019

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Hi there, it's me after a long time. Maaf agak lama menghilang juga since the last post. Alhamdulillah sihat. KNOW WHAT, I am DONE WITH MY DEGREE (since before Hari Raya dulu) yeay! So what's next? 

I'm currently doing my chambering in a law firm situated in Penang, but not in island. I'll talk more about my chambering after done with all the formalities and I believe not everyone knows or understands what chambering (latihan dalam kamar) is all about. So, I'll do a special post for it but can't promise when.

But for a side note, because I have not gotten my release letter from my university yet, sooo I am likely doing an attachment in the firm. So chambering supposedly to be done for 9 months but only when I have sent the Form 1 and Form 2. Just forget about the formalities 'details' but roughly saying I am not yet officially doing my chambering and I can change to a new firm if I want to so long before the Form 1 and Form 2 and those Forms need my release letter. 

Ok done with that. Words kinda messed up there I guess because I'm rushing HAHA.

I wouuuuuld lllllove to share on my thoughts like what I really want to do in futures or as much like now and what exactly I want in this life. I want to live my life correctly. It's okay to do mistakes along the way though but I want the mistakes come from my own decision, not someone else. Then I cannot put the blame on anyone and not on me too, but I'll just learn from my own mistakes and let them go. Sooo I'll share my thoughts or dreams and whatnots on my next post soon in syaa Allah.

I am actually so simple but it gets complicated when other people get 'into me' and that is so nerve-racking and also can go to the extend that pissed me off. Everything is so messed up and confused, you know. 

Anyway, I'll be graduating soon in October in syaa Allah. I hope everything goes smoothly. Just pray the best for me, aite? I hope the best too for everyone. 

Much love, 

:: NN ::

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