Saturday, February 16, 2019

Appreciation Post [3]


Hi there, I'm back after one year from the last post, I think. I'm currently in my last semester for final year so do pray for me. Hehehe. 
My third appreciation post goes to

Yup, my happy pill. I can't really remember if I ever posted anything about you here hehe. But okay today I decided to. I usually convey my appreciation directly and privately to him. Actually the picture already tells everything what I feel about you. And you know better. 

I am not sure whether you remember when was the first time we knew each other. It was the day I did something crazy and you kindly layan je. Hahaha. I was a total stranger to you at that time but seeing you replied to me that soft and kind, okay I knew it you are a good person. 

You know it all started with your parents. (Ouh yes now I remember I posted one post about you before this hahahaha!) Well, initially I fell for your parents. Wait, I'm not saying like now I fell for you, bruh. Hahahahaha! It's just now more than your parents, you're now in it too and as my happy pill. You know what I meant by saying you are my happy pill because I did tell you and I did ask your permission to be my happy pill. Haha. 

I still have the all warm words from your late father and your mother. Sometimes, I get in touch with your elder sister too. Sometimes I can see she is having a hard time and I promised myself to be there for her like giving some warm words too like how you and your parents directly or indirectly did to me. I really appreciate of all your sharings and stories. 

You know what, happy pill... it does not matter how I truly feel. And it also does not matter how you truly feel. Because all I want is the best for you even if I am not the one that is the best for you. It's okay. Allah knows how sincere I am praying this for you. If you are happy, I am happy. I don't ask you to be part of me but just let me know you are okay and alive of course, in any way. Hahahaha. 

Well well... I have a lot of things to say but you know, I am more comfortable to tell you everything privately. Soooooooo, bilakah? Heh heh. Byeee and take careeee! Kerja elok-elok. Well I know you will. But still, I'm gonna wish it. Ok. It's hard to stop because this is about you but okay I will stop seriously...okay bye. Fi amanillah. 



  1. Assalammualaikum wbt..
    HAIIII INNNNN!! haha capital teruih. excited nye pasal... =p
    In apa habaq..sibuk sgt study ye...hehe nasib ingt lagi login id password blog sume ye..haha
    xpe.stdy rerajin, lek lok ye.. will always pray the best for you ok dear ^_^